If your significant other is willing to watch The Bachelorette with you, he is definitely a keeper.

Let’s face it, no guy is going to want to watch two full hours of a dating reality game show. If you somehow get lucky, your man may be willing to sit with you and watch the show every Monday night just to make you happy.

Here are 5 reasons why watching  The Bachelorette with your significant other is the best:


1. You guys can plan a date night every Monday.

Planning a date night every Monday night is the best because, it can be the most inexpensive date night ever. All you need to do is order some delicious take out as well as make sure you have lots and lots of junk food, so you can binge eat while you binge watch.

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2. You’ll get a guy’s point of view on every situation that, arises in the show.

While watching The Bachelorette, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to understand the guys point of views. Especially because the guys on the show are particularly confusing, unreadable, and crazy.

But, your man can translate to you what is going on in the show. He is a guy and can totally give you his thoughts on what’s happening and or what’s going to happen next.


3. You both can spend quality time together while watching the greatest show on earth.

There’s not nearly enough time in a week to spend time with your love due to work schedules. However, if you can find time to watch the #1 watched dating reality show on television while spending quality time with the love of your life, you have it made!

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4. You two can make stupid bets throughout the show.

Making bets with your significant other can be a blast while watching the show. As you two can bet on what guys will be going on the group dates, which two guys will be chosen for the one on one dates, and who will not receive a rose at the rose ceremony. And whoever wins can choose where you guys will be going to dinner, which movie you’ll be watching at the movie theater or where your next date night will take place.

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5. You’ll both have something to talk about every Monday night.

Every Monday night, you’ll both have something to talk about especially all of the DRAMA. You two can also simply discuss each episode in detail or even try to predict what may happen on next weeks show. (Even if your man isn’t a big fan of the show, discussing the show can still be a way for you both to connect with each other.)




Overall, I strongly suggest watching The Bachelorette every Monday night with your significant other. Because, you’ll both look forward to your Monday night date nights, enjoy spending more quality time together, and absolutely love making stupid little fun bets with each other!

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