Welcome to my third week on Weight Watchers. If you are new to the world’s weirdest food diary, check out week 1 here and then week 2 here.

This past week was meh. I didn’t go overboard or anything with drinking or dining out, but I also couldn’t seem to keep my cool with snacking. I also hit my fitness goal and actually went over it a bit, but I still could have been better about it.

All together, a whole bunch of ‘meh.’ And then I ended the week hurting myself again per usual. SIGH.


Day 1: Monday

8am: Cottage cheese + ‘no sugar added peaches’ = 2 points. This is my go-to breakfast.

12pm: I ventured to Starbucks for a skinny vanilla latte.

1pm: I made my newly discovered secret lunch weapon – a tuna sandwich. If you’re a first timer to tracking my very odd eating habits, I mix Starkist tuna chunk light for 0 points with light mayo for 1 point and put it on Udi’s bread for 5 points. This day, I put a piece of cheese on the sandwich for 2 points, making it an 8 point sandwich. I had an apple with it.

4pm: Pure Barre

730pm: Even though I should start cooking dinner BEFORE I get hungry, I never do, so I ate a rice cake and string cheese for 2 points and started cooking dinner. I made baked cod and roasted brussels sprouts for 5 points.


9pm: I had a microwavable bag of PopSecret popcorn for 3 points anddddd a rice cake for 1 point, just because I had points left.



Day 2: Tuesday


1030: I rush out for an appointment and completely forget to eat breakfast. I literally did not feel hungry since the minute I woke up at 7am until I left my apartment at 1030am. It was going to be a loooooong morning.

12pm: I finally arrive at Starbucks and get my *latte* ICED for 3 points.

1pm: I have yogurt and a banana and strawberries for 3 points. I also have some veggie dip and cucumber slices for 2 points and a 100 calorie bag of SkinnyPop popcorn for 3 points.

4pm: Pure Barre.

6pm: I eat more veggie dip and cucumber slices for 5 points. I really went HAM on the veggie dip so I counted it for 5 points, although that seems outrageous.

8pm: I had a veggie burger (Amy’s All American) with no bun for 3 points and a baked potato with Smart Balance ‘buttery spread’ for 7 points. Nom.

8pm – 11pm: I manage to eat 3 rice cakes for 4 points.



Day 3: Wednesday


8am: Obv start the day with cottage cheese and peaches for 2 points.

12pm: I waited until the temperature got into the high 60s to step away from writing and go enjoy the outdoors. My definition of ‘enjoy the outdoors’ being ‘walk to Starbucks and get an iced latte.’ But I actually did ‘enjoy the outdoors’ later so it’s okay.

1pm: The temperature reached 74 degrees at this point in the day because global warming rocks (just kidding, but in the immediate it ain’t so bad, right?). Luckily, I have a friend who is a nurse and she wasn’t working until later in the day, so we went for a ‘walk’ AKA we strolled across the street to 16 Handles where we got smoothies. I ordered what I thought was a fruit only smoothie, but turns out it had yogurt in it. I found the nutritional values online and all together it was 18 points. Eek. I drank about half for 11 points and threw out the rest.

2pm: I knew the half-smoothie couldn’t be the only thing I would consume midday so I had some tuna with mayo for 2 points and an apple for 0 points.

4pm: I was supposed to go to barre class, but I got invited to chill outside on a boat and because it was so nice out I couldn’t say no. I told myself I would work out later that night and grabbed a string cheese before heading out.

7pm: Oops, still on the boat, missed my workout. Also hungry. Got some great pics tho.


8pm: Got home and made egg beaters for 1 point and had them with ketchup for 1 point. I also had GF bread and ‘buttery spread’ for 7 points. I need to quit doing this, but it was late and I was hungry.

9pm: Popcorn = 3 points.

10pm: Rice cake.

1005pm: Rice cake.

110pm: Rice cake. Fuck.

FITPOINTS GAINED: 0 (but it was so nice out!)


Day 4: Thursday


8am: Cottage cheese + sugar free peaches + banana = 2 points.

10am: Skinny iced latte = 3 points

1pm: Today I made my tuna sandwich open faced or whatever. It was still 6 points, but seems more filling when you prep it this way.


I also had SkinnyPop popcorn for 3 points and an apple for 0 points.

3pm: Grapes = 0 points; String cheese = 1 point.

4pm: Pure Barre

530pm: Another string cheese for 1 point… and a rice cake for 1 point.

730pm: Salad for dinner for 10 points. The breakdown: Grilled chicken for 3 points, feta cheese for 2 points, The Good Bean crunchy chickpeas for 3 points, and olive oil & vinegar dressing for 2 points. There was also lettuce (duh) and strawberries in it, but both are 0 points.


9pm: 100 cal popcorn.

905pm: Rice cake.



Day 5: Friday


8am: Cottage cheese + peaches for 2 points.

9am: Grab a quick iced skinny latte from Starbs before a busy morning of 4 meetings all in a row before the world’s hardest barre cardio class.

1230pm: Death by Pure Barre

2pm: Lunch = tuna sandwich on GF bread for 6 points. I also have an apple and a banana for 0 points.

5pm: I have a snack of 12 Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips and Trader Joe’s guilt free guacamole. The chips are 5 and the guac is 1.

7pm: Because I’m staying in, I *treat myself* to Sweetgreen because it’s the closest I can get to happiness when not drinking I guess. That’s sad. I get a custom salad that comes to 11 points, which is better than the one I got for 18 points back when I started this diet. This is what was in the salad with points: Mesclun (0), Spinach (0), Cucumbers (0), Apples (0), Sweet Potatoes (2), Spicy Quinoa (2), Feta Cheese (4), Grilled Shrimp (2), and Balsamic Vinegar (1). This salad was WEIRD, good, and tasted significantly more healthy than my usual. Sigh.

9pm: 100 cal popcorn + 2 rice cakes after. WOOOO FRIDAY.



Day 6: Saturday


930am: I literally roll out of bed and somehow make it to the 930 barre class in one piece and manage to survive the entire thing. Goals.

1030am: I head to Starbucks to not only get my iced skinny vanilla latte for 4 points, but also to meet a friend. Yay!

1130am: I have Chobani Simply 100 yogurt with strawberries in it and a banana for 3 points.

12pm: I head out to go hiking with another friend, and by hiking I mean half work out half nature walk. I eat an apple as I walk out the door and bring a cheese stick as a snack for 1 point.

3pm: We stop at Wegmans to get some foods. I throw together a salad that I guessed the points of. Here is what I came up with: Lettuce (0), Cucumbers (0), Quinoa (2), Grilled Chicken (5), and Feta Cheese (3). I brought the salad home and used my dressing which is 2 points. All together, that was 12 points.

330pm: I get another coffee for 1 point because I had plans to go out and I needed energy.

4pm: I have carrots and dip for 1 point.

7pm: For dinner, I have a piece of grilled chicken for 3 points with ketchup for 1 point. I also have brown rice for 3 points.

10pm: I go out for a birthday and promise myself I am not going to drink or eat. I end up getting a cider for 3 points.

1030pm: We’re at a restaurant and my boyfriend orders food. I maintain fantastic willpower until I eat half a biscuit. I count it as 5 points, but it was like soooo good.

11pm: I get another cider for 3 points.



Day 7: Sunday


10am: Even though we lost an hour of sleep, and 10am is *really* 9am (or not, at least not anymore, whatever), I wake up ready to take on the day. I have Chobani simply 100 yogurt with strawberries for 3 points.

1230pm: I go get a fucking latte for 3 points because that’s what I do every day and then I wander into the cute boutique around the corner and look at things I want that I can’t have. I also eat an apple and get part of it stuck in my teeth. Luckily, I have floss in my bag. I floss on the street.

130pm: I head out for a leisurely walk with my boyfriend.

330pm: 2 hours and 5 miles later, we return back to our apartment starving. I make tuna sandwiches. Mine is 7 points. I also have some cucumbers and dip for 3 points. And a cheese stick for 1 point.

5pm: Before heading out to go grocery shopping, I mindlessly snack on sweet potato chips and crispy chickpeas for 4 points.

6pm: While grocery shopping, an old friend comes back to visit. His name is hip bursitis and he lives in my right hip. That’s part of the reason I can’t run anymore and gained the 15 pounds I’m trying to lose. So like now what? I can’t even walk??? I figure I should have went to barre before or stretched on my own to avoid this, but now I have to wait for it to get better. UGH.

7pm: I have more chips for 3 points.

8pm: I finally get around to making dinner. I make garlic shrimp and put it over brown rice. Total is 8 points.


9pm: Popcorn for 3.


In total, I used up almost all of my daily 30 points each day, and I used 29 extra points throughout the week, which is less than the 35 I am allowed, so that’s good I guess.

For FitPoints, I gained 52. This was over my goal of 49.

The bad part – I lost 0 points this week. I understood why I didn’t lose any weight last week, but this week I was at least somewhat better. I definitely feel discouraged right now, and usually when I get discouraged on a diet I give up. But not this time. At least not yet.

My goal for this week is to cook dinner each day this week and to NOT go out and therefore NOT drink or indulge in food from any restaurant/eatery/whatever. 7 days. Let’s do this.



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