Welcome to my FOURTH week on Weight Watchers. I can’t believe it’s been one month since I started this diet!

If this is your first time here, you can read about the first three weeks on the diet here:
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During week 1, this diet sucked. I was hungry and tired and angry. Angry because I was hungry, but also because I kept going over my daily point allowance for food because I wasn’t used to it yet and I wasn’t buying the right foods (each food is worth a different amount of points if you aren’t familiar with the diet).

Now, I’m not hungry anymore because I’ve figured out the right foods to buy and eat during the day to stay full and not use all of my daily/weekly points (or go over them). Basically, I have no idea how Oprah manages to eat bread every day and lose weight because that just wouldn’t work for me. I have turned this thing into a high protein, low sodium, low carb diet with the ability to veer away from that if need be when on-the-go and social situations. I’m also eating more than I’ve ever eaten before, which is interesting.

Oh, and I’ve managed to have a social life through all of this, which is something I never thought was possible when losing weight.

Below you will find my tracking of week 4. Enjoy!

Day 1: Monday

8am: I have cottage cheese with sugar free peaches (2 points) and a banana (0) before heading out for the day. I also stop at Starbucks for skinny vanilla latte (4).

1pm: I am out and busy, but hungry so I get some strawberries (0) from the grocery store to eat on-the-go.

2pm: I stop at my parent’s house and steal grapes (0), a bag of Cheddar Cheese Popped Rise Crisps (3), and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (1) so I don’t pass out from starvation before I get home.

330pm: I have Starkist tuna (0) with light mayo (1) and eat that from a bowl. I also have a rice cake (1).

6pm: Before making dinner, I have 12 Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (5) with some guilt free guacamole from TJ’s (1).

830pm: I’m messed up from daylight savings, so I cook dinner late. I make two recipes I found on the Weight Watchers app — baked chicken (I had 2 pieces of chicken for 4 points — It looked weird btw, but it tasted good) and roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese. I actually ‘customized’ the recipe by adding brussels sprouts to the veggies. I had 4 servings for 8 points because I LOVE CHEESE AND ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND CAULIFLOWER.


9pm: I have a rice cake (2). Alone, rice cakes are 1 point, but when I had 2 rice cakes it says I ate 3 points worth so that’s why this same rice cake is more than the one I had at 330pm.



Day 2: Tuesday

8am: I have Chobani simply 100 yogurt (3) with strawberries (0) and banana slices (0) in it.

1pm: I have an apple (0), grapes (0), and a skinny vanilla latte (4). I get my period this day (sorry to all the men who are reading this, because I’m sure none of you are), so I cease eating due to feeling bloated and gross. I had gained 2 pounds when I woke up this morning, which was depressing. But although I was sad, I knew it wasn’t the diet’s fault and decide to stay away from sodium because I read on the ~internet~ that sodium + water retention are reasons from weight gain/bloating on your period.

4pm: Pure Barre = 7 Fit Points.

530pm: I have some carrots (0) with light ranch veggie dip (2) and 5 Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips (2).

8pm: Every Tuesday that ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is on I have a veggie burger and a baked potato. Idk why, but this has become tradition. SO I have an Amy’s all american veggie burger (3) with a baked potato (5) that I only put Smart Balance buttery spread made with olive oil (2) on. NO salt for the potato this night because salt = sodium = bad. Then I watch the PLL season finale.



Day 3: Wednesday

8am: I have a banana (0).

12pm: Coffee writing break. I get a skinny vanilla latte (4).

1pm: For lunch, I have Starkist tuna (0) with light mayo (1) on Udi’s bread (4) and a 100 calorie bag of SkinnyPop popcorn (3).

4pm: Pure Barre = 7 Fit Points.

530pm: I make a little plate with strawberries (0), grapes (0), cucumbers (0), 3 tbsp of light ranch veggie dip (3), and Weight Watchers string cheese (1).


730pm: I make a bomb ass salad from the following: spinach and spring mix (0), grilled chicken strips from Trader Joe’s (2), feta cheese (1), craisins (3), The Good Bean crunchy chick peas (2), and Ken’s Light Options olive oil and vinegar dressing (0). I have a diet ginger ale (0) with this for period stomach bloating help.


9pm: I have a bag of 100 calorie SkinnyPop popcorn (3) even though I had one earlier because I do what I want.



Day 4: Thursday

730am: Before heading out for an appointment, I try eating cottage cheese but am not feeling it so I count it for 1 point and have a banana (0) instead. Then I get a skinny vanilla iced latte (3).

1130am: I decide to walk home from my appointment because it was really nice out and I needed *fit points*. I also loathe public transportation more than anyone on this planet. So I took a 2.5ish mile walk and stopped at Starbucks again for an iced coffee (1). I get 5 Fit Points.

1pm: I have Chobani simply 100 yogurt (3) with strawberries (0) in it and cucumber slices (0) with light ranch veggie dip (2).

3pm: Rice cake (1)

5pm: Cheese stick (1)

8pm: I have a piece of grilled pesto chicken (6) with Trader Joe’s zucchini fries (4) and grilled cauliflower (0). I hated the cauliflower because it had no olive oil or salt on it, but those zucchini fries. Damn.

9pm: I’m not hungry because that chicken was filling AF, but I have a bag of SkinnyPop (3 points) anyway.



Day 5: Friday

8am: I start the day with a skinny vanilla latte (4) and Chobani yogurt (3) with banana slices (0) in it.

1pm: For lunch I have Starkist tuna (0) with light mayo (1) on Udi’s bread (4). I also have SkinnyPop again (3). I think I have claimed SkinnyPop as my period-craving food since I can no longer eat Nutella.

530pm: Pure Barre = 7 Fit Points.

630pm: I have a cookies & cream flavored Quest bar (4) after my workout. I discovered these on someone’s Weight Watchers Instagram and now love them. I used to live off of Luna Bars and Larabars, but those have half the protein in them and double the points, so I am *grateful* to have found such a cool new bar. Yas.

830pm: While going back and forth in this conversation: “what do you want for dinner, idk what do you want, idk what do you want, idk what do you want,” I eat a rice cake (1) and 10 chips from Trader Joe’s (5). Then, my boyfriend and I decide to walk around the corner to Panera where I get half a Fuji Apple with Chicken salad (9), apple vinaigrette dressing (4), and a french baguette (4) even though I shouldn’t be eating that. I splurged, whatever.



Day 6: Saturday

10am: I make breakfast for my boyfriend and me: Scrambled eggs with Egg Beaters (1 point). I eat them with ketchup (2 points). Protein y’all.

12pm: Barre class = 7 Fit Points.

130pm: I get a skinny vanilla latte (4 points) after class and have a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar (4 points).

5pm: I somehow manage not to eat pretty much all day, as I was in the zone working on a couple of articles/assignments that were due today and through the rest of this week. I realize this and have cucumber slices (0 points) with light veggie dip (3 points) and an apple (0 points).

7pm: I develop a severe case of cabin fever and decide that there is no way in hell I can stay in again tonight. So I eat my favorite Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta (12 points) with red sauce (3 points) and parm cheese (1 point) for ~drinking fuel~ and get ready to go out.

9pm: I decide to walk to my friends (.7 miles) which is very unlike me because I usually just Uber everywhere. Later on, we even decide to walk to the bar (~.5 mile). What is happening to me?

11pm: I manage not to drink until I arrive to the bar, where my friend and I get hit on by a 22 year old who literally said to us: “You guys are hot for being old as shit.” I then have two glasses of wine (12 points) and decide to never go out again.

2am: I’m not sure if I should count this for Saturday or Sunday but I was hungry when I got home so I had another Quest bar (4 points) which is ridiculous. Why am I drunk eating protein bars when I’m not even drunk? Who am I?



Day 7: Sunday

10am: Wake up, Chobani yogurt with nothing in it (3 points).

1pm: I have Starkist tuna (0 points) with light mayo (1 point) in a bowl. Random.

2pm: My friend is having a party for the St. Patrick’s Day parade by her. I have no interest in the parade, and I am not drinking since I drank the night before. However, I am interested in seeing friends and getting *fit points* so my boyfriend and I literally transcend across the city and walk to her apartment. We stop to get coffee first. I get a skinny vanilla latte latte (4 points) and then we somehow walk 4.75 miles. It took an hour and 15 minutes. Not bad. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who is into being active or I would never have convinced myself to do this. The walk was 10 Fit Points.

330pm: I have a Think Thin high protein bar (6 points) at the party. I also ate some dip with carrots at the party, so I put that in as 1 point. I also ate a Saltine which is 0 points. Lol, why am I writing this down?

8pm: I am supposed to go out to dinner but then I decide not to because I have a ton of shit to get done. I get dinner from the prepared foods section at Wegmans while grocery shopping: Grilled lemon garlic chicken (7 points), a kale and quinoa cake (5 points) and roasted red potatoes (3 points). I eat the chicken with the new reduced sugar ketchup (1 point) I bought and it literally tastes like someone peed in the ketchup bottle. I hate it, but hope I can get used to it.



In total, I either used up my daily 30 points or didn’t come close during the week, which is good I think. Of course I dipped into the extra points over the weekend. I ended up using 26 extra points throughout the week, which is less than the 35 I am allowed. Grand.

For FitPoints, I gained 42. This was almost at my goal of 49, but not quite. It’s okay though because I had my period.

For my weight, I lost 2 pounds this week! In total, I lost just about 6 pounds in 4 weeks. Obviously, this isn’t much, but it’s something. And it will be more if I keep it up. Right now, I’m back to where I was before I gained weight during the fall/holidays, and I am closer (but still very far away) from my goal weight.

See you next week.


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