There’s so much to miss about this beautiful school….
A: Ana from Eagles Nest. Obviously.

B: The Beanpot. It was a really hard choice between this and beating BU. Then again…what’s the difference?


C: Crashing mod parties as a freshman. Who do you know here? Who DO we know here? JUST SAY YOU KNOW JOHN! *sigh* the good old days.

D: Denying freshman access to parties. Because what goes around comes around and even if it wasn’t your mod and you decided to drunkenly play doorman, there came a certain sense of power from denying someone at the door. Who do you know here?

E: Eagles first down, bitch. Is this still even a thing? Maybe I’m old.

F: Fall concerts. Oh wait. Nevermind…

G: Gasson. #Gassongram, anyone?

source: @mattybrennan14 instagram
source: @mattybrennan14 instagram

H: Hillside elevator. On days it rained. On days it snowed. On days my legs were really sore from spin. Screw you, million dollar stairs, screw you.

I: Ice cream from Addie’s: So maybe they only had three flavors on any given day but they were always the most delicious three flavors.

J: Jesuits. It’s hard to self-motivate. I need constant reminder to set the world aflame.

K: Kegs stands. I know I can still do keg stands… but is that age-appropriate? Take me back to Foster Street!

L: Late night. You mean I can have drunk food? And I don’t have to call delivery? And I can use my Monopoly money? Why is this not a thing in real life?

M: Marathon Monday. I don’t believe this requires further explanation.

Mile 21 <3
Mile 21 <3

N: Newton Bus. You bonded over having to take the Newton Bus. You bonded over not having to take the Newton Bus. Basically, the Newton Bus was just a way to make an instant friend.

O: On-Campus Housing. People from other schools just don’t get it. Living on campus for at least 3 years was AWESOME. Not having to worry about paying rent or utilities? Count me in!

P: Peps. I’m not sure if I fully realized how amazing these were at the time. In fact, jobs should have Peps. Strengths: Free coffee. Weaknesses: Long hours. Comments: ATTENDANCE IS NECESSARY.

Q: Quiet hours. I never thought I’d be saying this, but there’s something to be said about forcing people to be quiet during sleeping hours. I think my neighborhood should have mandatory quiet hours.

R: Raspberry Rubinoff. No one else misses this? No? Just me then.

S: Sexual Chocolate shows. Swoon.

T: Tailgating. So yeah, I technically still tailgate as an alumni, but there’s nothing quite like waking up, rolling out of bed and into a Superfan shirt, and stepping out my front door to tailgate. Also the mods are just plain depressing during tailgates now. Who are all you people? Are you even old enough to be in college?

U: Uncle Dave. Long live Uncle Dave!


V: Values. Sure, people have values. And yeah, some people even have good values. But there’s something comforting about being surrounded by thousands of people dedicated to the idea of men and women for others.

W: Walking everywhere. Why don’t my friends live two doors down anymore? You mean I have to take the Red Line to the Green Line just to see you? Umm….


Y: You suck at life and goaltending. It’s all your fault. It’s all your fault. It’s all your fault.

Z:… fuck it. Is it homecoming yet?


Elaina Donofrio is a Cambridge based twenty something which is incredibly different than being Boston based, thank you very much. She is a Boston College graduate with a major in Communication, a minor in Studio Art, and a self-proclaimed Doctorate in social media. Elaina has a mild chocolate addiction and regularly suffers from BSA (beach separation anxiety). When she's not enjoying her job at the North End based start-up Dailybreak, you can find her pretending she likes to run, re-reading the Harry Potter series, or plotting how to sneak a kitten into her apartment. You can follow her on twitter at @elaina_donofrio or check out her photography portfolio at

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