Guest blogger and fashion expert, Cindy Sullivan, is about to school us in beach fashion. And I’m not talking about bikinis and sandals… Cindy gives us tips on how to look stylish while nearly naked, by telling us what kind of jewelry you should be wearing to the beach. She even gives some awesome jewelers that she personally buys from!

It finally feels like summer… and now that it’s here, most of us have ditched our jeans for bikinis and headed to the beach. It’s so easy to lose our sense of personal style while at the beach. But the easiest way to stay true to our style while enjoying a day at the beach is through jewelry!

I have always thought jewelry at the beach looked beautiful in the pages of Vogue and Glamour, but it did not translate well to my life. Chunky bangles and huge tribal beads while lounging at the beach simply do not work. The trick is finding small, dainty pieces that can withstand chlorine, salt water, and will not get in your way while achieving the perfect, all over bronzed look.

So, where to start? My key beach piece this summer was to find a dainty, affordable, 14k gold necklace. Last summer, I tried this look with a gold filled necklace. By July, it had turned brown and the “gold” virtually washed away. After reading every daily candy, every refinery29 blast, and scouring blogs, I came across a small jeweler based out of Texas named Sonya Renee. Her pieces are quirky but classic, and her mini block letters are perfect for the summer months. Chose your letter and you’re golden!

Another really easy piece to play with this summer are bracelets! Along the same lines as the necklace, you want something that can withstand the sand, sun, and chlorine. I found these great bracelets from a independent jeweler called Be Charmed Designs, and they sell on These bracelets are perfect alone or stacking! Plus they have really cute, simple BFF bracelets for “twenty-somethings.” Yes, please!


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