I’ve been a Giuliana Rancic fan since before she became relevant. When she was a DePandi and was just starting off as an E! reporter. I loved following her love story with Bill and have watched her reality show, Giuliana & Bill, since the very beginning. She was one of those quirky and fun, yet humble and relatable personas. I laughed with her as a newlywed and as a reporter trying to make it in Hollywood. I cried with her during her infertility struggles and later breast cancer and surrogacy.

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Where is that Giuliana?? I could barely watch the last season of G&B, because all of the reality from the program was gone. She seemed to always be putting on a show and everything is “amazeballs” and “totes fabs.” She’s always had a youthfulness about her, but what 40 year old professional talks like that? We got a very small glimpse into the couple’s struggle with having a second baby, but it mostly revolved around G’s Hollywood adventures and the Rancics building their empire.

In the last few months she has managed to butcher every red carpet, by only asking celebrities to pose for the mani cam, ask what they’re wearing and make all of America feel awkward by begging George and Amal Clooney to take a shot with her.

Fashion Police was hilarious with Joan Rivers and I can’t bring myself to watch it without her. The difference between Joan and Giuliana? Joan was an actor and comedian by trade. G is not. You’re a reporter, and let’s use that term loosely, so stop with these outlandish comments and wannabe jokes, Giuliana. It is awkward and almost always received wrong.

In a single episode of Fashion Police, G managed to piss of a Disney actress, co-host Kelly Osbourne, and the entire Oscar academy. She was later accused of racism by actress Zendaya Coleman after saying the 18 year-old star’s dread locs probably smelled of patchouli oil and weed.

Stars like Kerry Washington, Whoppi Goldberg and Viola Davis applauded Zendaya for her mature and poignant response to the comment, while crucifying Giuliana for making the comment in the first place. Comedians are able to walk a fine line between insensitive and offensive – G, not being a comedian, clearly can’t and is suffering the consequences.

In the same episode she flipped the Oscars the bird and said “F**k you, Oscars!” The comment was made in regard to the academy leaving Joan Rivers out of the in memoriam segment. Hey, I think it’s bullshit too, but my job isn’t to get asked to come interview people on the Academy’s red carpet. I’m assuming the Academy she flipped off, may not be so keen to her coming back next year.

Source: US Magazine

Will the old Giuliana please come back? We miss you.


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  1. She is being treated just like Paula Deen.. In this judgmental world of all perfect people, who has a chance to apologize and move on.. NO ONE

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