I am sure at least half the people reading this right now received a gift (big or small) from someone that they will never use, wear, watch, or whatever. Some of you may have gotten lucky and also received a gift receipt with your present, meaning free money for you to buy something you actually want (unless the gift receipt is to a store you would never step foot in – like Wet Seal… is that even still open?). But the rest of you probably got stuck with no gift receipt and no clue as to where the thing came from. Unfortunately, you cannot ask for a gift receipt (even though Larry David would). That is rude. If you are currently stuck in this situation, here are 5 options you have for your new, useless item:

– Re-gift it if you think someone else will actually enjoy the present… Do not put someone else through your misery.

– Sell it to a friend or family member. Yesterday, I bought an Under Armour sweatshirt off my brother because he didn’t want it. Now he has money. And I have a new men’s large sweatshirt. Everyone wins.

– Sell it on Ebay/Craiglist if you think you the effort is actually worth the money you will receive – if any.

– If no one will pay for it and you don’t want it to rot in your closet, give it to a friend or family member. Only resort to this if no one else will give you any money for it.

– Give it to a thrift store.

– If all else fails, shove it in your closet. You never know when such gift will come in use.

What, if anything, did you get that you don’t want? What are you going to do with it? Let us know! The more ideas the better.


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