I wandered into an American Girl store not too long ago for a trip down memory lane. To my surprise, I didn’t recognize any of the dolls except Samantha. How do little girls learn about history these days if there aren’t dolls and books for the important historical eras? Checking out the next set of books from the library about another American Girl just about summed up my childhood. If you had a doll, chances are you probably related to that character.

Felicity. You are spunky and perhaps a feminist. Felicity refused to be ladylike. Society is hard on the ladies. If Felicity was your fave, you probably played every sport growing up, and squirmed when your mom put you in a frilly dress. You know how to stand your ground, and you probably enjoyed studying the American Revolution in high school and/or college.


Kirsten. You are probably blonde-haired, or wore your hair in loopy braid pigtails when you were a kid. You enjoy winter, because Kirsten did too. Minnesota is not for the faint of heart. You feel out of place in new situations, and can be kind of shy. You know the value of a dollar, and like to save and make money.


Addy. You are brave and intelligent. You like to help others. You are close to your family. You sometimes act impulsively but it doesn’t get you in trouble too often. You like your job, but wish it wasn’t so hard sometimes. You might go by a nickname (after all, Addy’s full name was Aduke.)


Samantha. You hold yourself to high standards because your parents (well, grandmother in Sam’s case) were strict. You like petit fours (or just fancy pastries.) You were a slight tomboy as a child but knew when you had to look presentable (let’s face it, this still happens.) You like crafts but you’re not great at them. You’re good in front of a crowd and are probably #teamHillary. You were probably on some kind of debate team and kicked ass at public speaking.


Molly. You struggled as a pre-teen and teen with your looks (and maybe still do.) Remember Molly’s perm mishap? You probably went through phases with your beauty routine. You’re a good dancer but bad at math. Perhaps because numbers to you did not go above 5, 6, 7, 8. You’re a bit of a scatterbrain, and find yourself daydreaming a lot. You like to come up with stories about strangers you see on the street. And you HATE turnips.


I’m leaving out Kit, Josefina, and others, because to my 90s kid self, they are not part of the originals.


Liz Witter is a 2011 graduate of St. Bonaventure University where she majored in broadcast journalism with a (useless) minor in French. She is originally from Rochester, NY but moved to Boston for a job...then another job. She spends her free time sleeping, going to Sephora or doing crafts. She plays volleyball recreationally and refuses to believe she peaked in high school. She’ll take Tim Hortons over Dunkin, and Wegmans over basically anything. You can follow her on Twitter at @lwitta6.

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