If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a Taylor Swift fan. Taylor has been writing and singing songs for girls to relate to since 2006. We all are able to relate to at least one of her songs and feel like she knows our life. Her music shows how much she has grown up and gone through. Each of her albums has told a story and shows the different stages she has gone through during her career.

What does your favorite T. Swift album say about you?

Taylor Swift – There’s a little bit of innocence in you still. It’s the little things in life that mean the most to you. Are you sure you’re in your twenties? Stay young for as long as you can. Bless your soul for not yet knowing what real life is.


Fearless – You are all about cherishing memories. You aren’t a stranger to heartbreak, but you also like to look back at the good times in life. You probably went through a bad break up back in the day and this album got you through it.



Speak Now – You are a hopeless romantic. You either believe in fairy tales or have been screwed over so many times that you wish they existed. When you love someone, you put your all into it and you really feel. When you’re hurt, you really feel that too.


Red – Chances are you are going through the process of getting your life together. Maybe you are going through a big change like moving out of your parents, getting out of a long term relationship, trying to get a big girl job or all of those combined. You’re going through some process that’s rough, but don’t worry, you’ll get there!


1989 – You’re all about fun and not sweating the small stuff. You’ve been through a lot, but you’ve learned not to worry and just focus on enjoying life and being happy. You know that not everything is going to go as planned and sometimes you just need to poke fun at yourself and move along.



Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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