Hello May. How in the world did you get here so quickly? I feel like just yesterday I was just heading to the gym after a long boring day at work, thinking about all the cover letters and resumes I was going to send out later so I could leave my first post-grad job and move on to something new and exciting. I was a year out of college. And now, this May, I am two.

Yes – two years old. They say life doesn’t begin until after you graduate… and I agree with ‘them,’ whoever they are. That is why we are doing something very special this month AKA celebrating the anniversary of most of our college graduations!

But really... didn't this happen last week?

In honor of National College Graduation Month (yeah, we totally made that up), we are going to be posting a ‘Where Are They Now‘ article each day in May written by a recent grad or graduating senior starting tomorrow. And guess what? We’re looking for people like YOU to write for this segment!

For recent grads, these articles will tell where you are now __ years later after graduating college. The article will tell how your life, thoughts, and perspective towards life has changed over the past however many years (or months if you graduated in a month other than May). The article may also give advice to graduating seniors for the journey they are about to embark on.

For graduating seniors, the article will tell where you are now either after graduation day OR a few days/weeks before the big day. It will tell of your thoughts and perspective towards life now. It will tell what your plans for after graduation are and where you see yourself in a year, two, five, or ten from now. The article may also tell what your fears for post-grad life are… and what you are most excited for after graduation.

If you would like to be a featured writer for this segment, please send us an email at forevertwentysomethings@gmail.com!


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