I recently became engaged to absolutely the most amazing guy on this planet. He is the perfect guy for me as he’s intelligent, outgoing, hardworking, supportive, good looking, and always makes me laugh. We have been together for about 3 years, and are extremely happy. I would say the only thing that bothers me about my fiancé is he’s obsessed with fantasy football, and it’s the worst. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. They watch football at least 3 days a week.

If you date someone who’s obsessed with fantasy football, guarantee you’ll be watching football 3 days a week. All of your Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays, will consist of watching multiple football games at the same time.

2. All of your plans have to be scheduled around football games.

It can be difficult at times when you’re trying to make plans with your family and friends. Rather it be going to a movie, out to lunch, you will always have to schedule those plans carefully so they don’t end up interfering with any of the football games.


3. Their phone constantly sends them sports alerts.

Nothing is more annoying than hearing your significant other’s phone constantly going off every time they get an update related to fantasy football.

4. When they watch football, they constantly change the channel.

If they have the Sunday ticket be prepared for them to constantly be changing the channel. It gets beyond confusing when they watch multiple football games at the same time, as they have to constantly be up to date with their fantasy football stuff.


5. They talk to the television.

It can be quite funny at times to hear your significant other talking to the television. Rather it be cheering on players from their fantasy team, or disagreeing with the referees call, you may find it cute, and humorous at times.

6. You will only go to sports bars when games are on.

Understand if you go out while the games are on, you’ll likely be going to a sports bar that has football on. It could be Buffalo Wild Wings, Champps, or any other local sports bar.


7. While in the car, you’re always listening to football or people talk about football on the radio.

Every time you’re in the car with them, expect to be listening to something related to football.

8.  They constantly talk about random football players and you have no idea who they are.

Too often they will talk about football players who you know nothing about. Not only will they name them, but they will talk about them by their nicknames such as Megatron (Calvin Johnson), Matty Ice (Matt Ryan), Superman (Cam Newton), and Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch). See, now I know these things.

Calvin Johnson I Am Megatron Detroit Lions 2011 Wallpaper 1152x960 Android

9. It get’s difficult to follow their fantasy football teams because they have more than one.

When you’re with someone who has a love for fantasy football, expect them to have more than one fantasy football team. (For me, it’s tough to try follow my fiancé’s teams as he has four of them, and I easily get confused.)

10. When they go out they always wants to talk about fantasy football.

Everywhere you guys go, he will want to bring up fantasy football. He will want to talk about his players, how they performed, or anything related to fantasy football as he is so passionate about it.

Football Photo!
My fiancé, and I at a non-profit football-themed event.

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