Courtesy of E! online
Photo Courtesy E! online

Platinum blonde? Why, Adam, why? There is no logical answer to this unfathomable act of hair dying that occurred. Here are some questions and comments on this very important matter that I would like some answers to.

  1. What hairdresser did this!? They should be fired immediately.
  2. Why did his super model girlfriend think this was okay? She should know better. She’s a supermodel.
  3. A tank top with cat faces AND the blonde hair. Now I don’t know which is worse.
  4. If I see his nakey pics, I don’t think I want his face on them anymore. That hair is too distracting and takes away from his chiseled tattooed bod.
  5. Maybe he was trying to frost just the tips (throwback) and it went awry? Possibility.
  6. David Beckham pulled off a shaved head of blonde hair but not Adam. No sir.
  7. They need to dye his hair back on live TV during The Voice. And the judges need to give him crap about it until he does.
  8. It is mandatory that he wear a hat to cover that atrocity.
  9. It isn’t even a natural dirty blonde color. At least he should have eased us into accepting him as a blonde. So rude.
  10. If Maroon 5 goes on tour, I will boycott unless he becomes a sexy brunette once again.

Alex is twenty-four years young and still lives at home with the fam in South FL. She graduated in 2012 from Furman University (yes, she has a shirt with the initials F.U. that makes her feel a little badass) where she graduated Cum Laude in Communication Studies and played DI softball. She still wants to relive her college days of competition and now plays on a co-ed slowpitch team where she is the youngest player. When she’s not working on social media for clients (yes she gets paid to hangout on Facebook and tweet) you can find her at the gym, shopping on her iPad, playing with Maxi or binge watching Mad Men and Walking Dead or the Cooking Channel and attempting new recipes. Key word attempting. She would pick Dunkin Donuts’ coffee over Starbucks and is always early to everything by at least ten minutes. Follow her on Twitter @bmoney2790.

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