Another hit from Katy Perry has started to climb the charts (okay – to be honest, Katy Perry ONLY makes hits)… The song is called “Friday Night” and as a Katy Perry lover, I love it.

However, as I was listening to it today, I wondered what it would be like to see a bunch of 10 year old girls singing the words to this song. Because you know they will. The song is about blacking out on a Friday night, hooking up with some random, regretting the pictures that were put up on Facebook the next day, and trying to remember what else happened on Friday night.

I am 22 years old. I have been out of college for over a year (ughhhhhhh why did I just admit that?). And I am not even 2 years above the legal drinking age. You would have to live under a rock to not know that underage people drink and do stupid things while drunk… But do Katy’s 10 year old fans get drunk and do stupid things? I hope not. What about her 6 year old fans? I used to think it was hilarious to hear my little brother (who is now 11) sing “Hot In Here” by Nelly when he was 3… At least Nelly was a rapper aka he’s supposed to rap/sing about sex, money, drugs, and alcohol – but that song wasn’t even AS bad.

Anyway, back to why I love Katy Perry. She is currently promoting the release date of her music video for “Friday Night” – which is June 14, 2011 – and is doing it through Facebook… with youtube videos… where she plays a 13 year old nerd named Kathy Beth Terry who has no friends on Facebook. Where does she even come up with this stuff? Anyway, the music video is a huge, crazy high school party… and Kathy Beth Terry seems to be there… and she seems to be umm drinking? Is Katy really going to promote 13 year olds drinking and get away with it? I hope so. Katy Perry was raised as a Catholic loving home schooled girl (Thank you E! True Hollywood Story!) and now she is a funny, crazy, pop star who sings about sex with both boys and girls and alcohol. She also has a cat named Kitty Purry. Coolest girl ever.

Here is a clip of Kathy Beth Terry:


And here is a preview of the music video:


Maybe Katy Perry can go sing this song on Sesame Street with Elmo in a cleavage revealing dress. Thoughts?



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  1. As someone who has listened to music a generation before. Katy Perry is most definately the best of the artists out there currently right now.

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