I saw a clip of Kelly Clarkson today while watching E! News… I had always known she gained weight, but I guess I never realized how much. SO, like any other bored twenty something would, I googled “Kelly Clarkson weight” and this video came up! I watched it and suddenly felt sad. As someone who has dealt with weight fluctuation through the years… and weight gain if I take one day off the gym even though I’m still eating healthy… it scares me! Would this happen if I let myself go? And just look HOW different you can look if you lose/gain THAT much weight. She looks like a completely different person – its insane. Of course, everyone’s bodies are different and some people just aren’t meant to be stick thin and that is FINE… but this is just sad because Kelly doesn’t look healthy in these pics… As long as she feels healthy & happy though, that’s okay… and she definitely seems proud of her body (even if she isn’t on the inside).



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