For those who didn’t start drinking at 9am Saturday morning and weren’t home by 10pm to watch, this week’s SNL was epic. And yes — I know SNL kind of sucks now, but this ep was on par with all those ‘best of’ DVDs you used to watch. Mostly because some of the original cast members returned (because we all know the current cast members and writers aren’t exactly hilarious — minus bobby and bill)… but also because there was a very special host: the multi-talented Justin Timberlake who literally can do anything. This episode did have a few meh sketches — and it unfortunately didn’t have a new digital short (I’m still kinda pissed about that), but the following moments absolutely stole the show:

JT’s opening face.

Steve. Martin.

‘I always thought if an Nsync member made it to the Five Timers Club it would be Joey Fatone.’


Did you get those earings at Tiffany’s? No. I got them from my vagina. Even the faux commercial was good. Those are never good.

The return of Timberberg — AKA Andy Samberg and JT as the guys who sang Dick in a Box.

‘Girls can’t get pregnant in the summer time. Science.’ Oh, and the random Duck Tails reference. I effing loved Duck Tails.

Which led to the return of two four wild and crazy guys.

Justin dressed as tofu singing about Vegan stuff to the tune of Trinidad James’ All Gold Everything.

And then this…

Which turned into an SNL-wide Harlem Shake… There were children on stage.

And led to a random horse head later in the show.

Those things are getting more popular by the minute. Can someone tell me where I can get one?




That they did, Justin. That they did. And that we did — in your honor. We’re so happy you joined the five timers club. And for those who didn’t watch yet, On Demand that shit — or check out the sketches online here.

So many people who are actually funny.

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