Now that September is here, twenty somethings around the nation are probably thinking, “Wow. My life sucks. I am still in the same sh*tty job, doing the same sh*tty things I was doing a few months ago.” Nothing changes for us in September anymore except the weather and our attitudes.

The temperature outside has drastically dropped. People are closing their pools. We can no longer frequent the beach on a regular basis. In fact, beaches take away their lifeguards and parking fees in September. And although you might think that is a good thing, it only means that the end of beach weather has come. In addition to this, if you were so lucky, “summer hours” and “summer Fridays” are no longer a thing at work… and you can’t take a “summer vacation” anymore. The worst part of it all, though, is that all the kids are back at school – and the a**holes (aka the extremely lucky young adults) are back at college and living a life strictly of class, drinking, and friends (they totally stole our lives btw).

Basically, you probably think September sucks… which it might for some reasons, but not all. First of all, my birthday is in September. Second of all, you have MANY things to look forward to in September, including the following:

– Since it is not always beach weather, you don’t have to spend your two free weekend days driving to the beach and home every single weekend. In September, it can be nice and sunny out – just not hot enough for the beach – giving you time to relax, shop, walk around, eat, etc.

– Sometimes warm, beach weather comes creeping along during September, allowing us to head to the beach and still get our tans on (without paying the ridic parking fee).

– Running outside becomes more enjoyable because it’s not too hot – or too cold.

– Football! Football season is finally here. Even if you don’t like the sport, it is a reason to day drink on Sundays and night drink on other days of the week.

– You can be comfortable in your work clothes outside. No need to worry about wearing nothing on your way to work because its 100 degrees outside, and then having to throw on the layers when you arrive to work.

– Layers! Although we all may love wearing only a dress and sandals, being able to dress an outfit up with multiple layers is way more stylish and fun.

– Fall fashion. If you love to shop (like me) then you know that fall is a very exciting time to buy outfits and check out the latest trends.

– Fall foliage. Even though we don’t like to admit it because it means the warm, beach weather is out the window and our tans are slowly fading – fall is actually really beautiful.

– More people are around on weekends. During the summer, everyone is busy traveling, vacationing, and taking day trips. Starting in September, people generally tend to hang around and go out more often. RAGE!

– Apple picking and other fun fall activities! Yum.


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