In really cool and awesome news, 27-year-old model Ashley Graham will become the first plus sized model to be featured in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition. Finally the magazine will celebrate photoshopped curves along with photoshopped thigh gaps. IT’S A REVOLUTION.


Graham is leading the swimsuitsforall campaign #CurvesInBikinis and I could not be more excited. Sure I love myself, but I am also the most self conscious person in the world (bikini season is my fear) and until I saw Ashley’s teaser pics for her Sports Illustrated feature, I didn’t realize how sexy curves could be. Like, look at her.

There are so many body types out there and everyone prefers different types.  Yeah, some people are very much into that stick figure look that magazines most regularly feature… but I’m kind of positive that people out there are into curvy girls too, some even into girls who are bigger and curvier than Ashley.

The size 16 model said in a statement about the campaign, “I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt.” YOU TELL ‘EM GURL.


So when browsing SI’s swimsuit edition this year ask yourself which you would prefer: the body of 12 year old boy in a bikini… or the body of a curvy vivacious woman in a bikini? Whatever you choose is fine. But, like, curves.

Check out the teaser video for Ashley’s campaign here:

Thanks to Ashley, us curvy girls should all be proud to rock our curves in a bikini. We should stop questioning whether or not we can pull of that bikini. We should stop wondering what everyone thinks we look like in that bikini. And we should probably end the fear of moving around in that bikini at the beach. We have curves and they’re kind of super real and kind of super hot. We should own it.

Here’s a couple reasons you should be proud to flaunt your curves in a bikini, if you’re lucky enough to have them of course 😉

1. Curves mean you’ve got an ass. And you should embrace that ass. After all, the saying is “dat ass” not “dat small ass.”

2. Curves also mean you’ve prob got some big ass tittayyysss. Which, of course, is also a good thing.

3. Curves make you look like you eat. Which is a good thing too! Most guys don’t want to date a girl who doesn’t eat or, if she does, orders lettuce sans dressing whenever she goes out.

4. Curves give people a lot of places to hold on to when in situations where people would, you know, be holding on to you. They call them love handles for a reason.

5. Curves don’t make you look like a 12 year old boy who hasn’t gone through puberty yet. But seriously.

6. Curves make you look like a real woman. Having a stomach that isn’t flat — normal. Rolls in your back — more common than basically anything else. Thick thighs with no gap in sight? Also normal. All natural is hot.

7. Curves are sexy. In conclusion, your curves make you look sexy as f*ck. FLAUNT THEM.


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