Has anyone ever made fun of you for tweeting? Or have you ever made fun of someone for tweeting?

I’m sure everyone has experienced one of the above situations.

I am just going to put it out there right now – I love Twitter. And I am going to get you to sign up by the end of this post. Anyway, not only do I love Twitter, but I love all social media. And even if you think you don’t love it, you probably do too! Do you have a Facebook? Yeah. Uhh, does my grandmother have a Facebook? YES. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird when you meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook? With the exception of adults above the age of 30 and children below the age of 12, I have only met TWO people who are not on Facebook. I have no idea what their last names are, no idea where they live, and I can’t even remember what they look like if I don’t see them for over a month – I also never remember to invite them to events or birthday parties because all of that is done on Facebook. I guess if Facebook is seriously depressing you and you have enough contact with the outside world to not need one, then it’s fine if you don’t have one. However, I do recommend keeping or getting a Twitter account regardless.

Twitter is not an annoying version of Facebook. It is not constantly updating the world on your status (although, you could definitely use it to do that). It is a way to get information out to a mass amount of people in only a few words. We are busy people – it is rare for someone to actually sit down and read through an entire newspaper or entire news article. We have other things we need to be doing so we read headlines and “skim” articles. Some of us don’t even watch or read the news at all anymore and are so beyond out of touch with what is going on in the world. Twitter is a great way to stay on top of news stories, find out about job opportunities, show how intelligent you are, and let your communication skills shine. Here are a few ways you can use Twitter to improve yourself for the better – whether or not you tweet.

Know what is going in the world without having to pick up a newspaper, read an article, or turn on the evening news.

Now, if you aren’t the type of person who wants to be writing constant life and news updates, that is fine. But you should certainly consider getting a Twitter account. With a Twitter, you can follow local and world news accounts and keep up with what is going on in society. With a Twitter, you can basically skim through headlines and find articles that interest you enough to read. By using the social networking site, you will have something to discuss with friends, co-workers, families, and peers. You will be educated without having to pick up a newspaper, turn on the evening news, or browse your city’s online news website.

Find information you are looking for.

I use Twitter to search for information – for instance, if I want to know if tonight’s episode of Glee is new, I search “Glee” in the Twitter search box and see what comes up. If a website I was trying to get on wasn’t working for me, I search the name of the site on Twitter and see if other people are experiencing the same issue. Also, if I’m watching a show, participating in an event, or watching a football game, I search on Twitter to see what people’s opinions are on the situation. I almost always find the information I am looking for on Twitter.

Search for jobs  & hear about opportunities first hand from companies you want to work for.

Another thing you can do on Twitter without writing any updates is look for jobs. Almost every major company (and a lot of small companies) have Twitter accounts for their HR/careers team. For example, NBC has @nbcunicareers and MTV has @mtvnetworksjobs. Both accounts are constantly flooding news feeds with job postings. And with Twitter, you have the chance to follow companies you are interested in and hear first hand about job opportunities. Some companies will even post an opening on Twitter – and not anywhere else. You can search for jobs too in the search box at the top of your twitter page. Just be creative. If you’re looking for a finance job in nyc, search “finance jobs nyc” or “finance careers new york.” Switch it up! It can’t hurt to look, right?

Tweet about relevant news and information about the company and/or the job field you are interested in.

Are you job searching? Well, Twitter is an awesome place for you to be if you are. You should definitely already have a LinkedIn page full of useful information about yourself that is not a replica of your actual resume. When companies receive your application and are interested in you, they will look you up online. They will most likely find your Facebook (unless you are totally private… or you don’t have one). They will find your LinkedIn. And they will find your Twitter. This is why you have to be professional with your Twitter if it is in your FULL NAME. And I recommend using your full name and having a professional Twitter – especially if you are job searching. Of course, if you want to write absurd things on your Twitter and trash talk people, events, companies, etc, you should probably have an anonymous Twitter because you most likely will not get a job with nonsense associated to your name.

Create a private and public Twitter account.

I have heard people say this about Facebook, and it is definitely relevant for Twitter too. If you are a tweeting fanatic and don’t always write the most professional comments on your account, then you should probably consider either not using your full name on your account… or creating a second account to share with prospective companies and/or your current company. I do not do this, because I don’t tweet ridiculous things – I leave that up to my private Facebook page 🙂 But this is a great thing to do for the Twitter obsessed.

Tweet at companies you are interested in or at people talking about things you are interested in.

Having conversations with people not only helps you to gain followers, but it also makes you appear intelligent and interested in whatever topic you are tweeting about. Going for a job related to pop culture? Tweet to companies or perez hilton about the latest celeb gossip. Going for a job in engineering? You can use Twitter too! Tweet about awesome projects going on and the latest news at the company you just applied to.

Twitter is not just for social media gurus and PR/Marketing addicts – It is for everyone. If you use the website properly, you show people that you are intelligent, you can write, and you have an interest in certain topics. When companies are looking to hire, you want to stand out among the pile of resumes employers have laid out on their desks. If you’re going for a job in Finance, and you show that you are well versed in social media and writing, you will stand out from the other people who have had just as many internships as you because you can do more than just get good grades and work a 9-5. And they will know how intelligent and interested in the field/company you are before you even come in for an interview.

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