Working a 9-5 desk job does not mean that you have to be totally inactive, sit in your cubicle, and stare at your computer all day long. In fact, there are plenty of ways to burn calories and work your muscles during the day – while at work – and there are even more reasons why you SHOULD. If you didn’t have to be at work, would you be sitting on your couch watching tv every single day from 9-5. Probably not. I mean doing nothing is okay ONCE in a while… Like when its raining, if you’re sick, or it’s just one of those days. But seriously, being active not only puts you in good spirits, but it also keeps you in good shape and good health. So if you wouldn’t sit around and stare at your computer on a daily basis at home, why should you have to do that at work? Here are some ways to be active at work:

Take walks. Whether you work in a city or a suburb, there HAS to be somewhere for you to walk around during the day. Walk with a co-worker or walk by yourself. Not only is it a good way to bond with peers, make friends, or have some alone time, but you’re also getting exercise (and if it’s sunny and hot, maybe a TAN too). Be sure to take multiple walks throughout the day! It’s always good to take little 10 minute breaks here and there, and why not spend them being active? It’s not good for you to look at a computer and type all day long anyway.

Go for a run. There is no reason why you can’t work out during your lunch break – or any time during your day. If you have a gym in your building that is a different story – but if not, maybe you can go for a 10 or 15 minute run outside. That is an awesome workout that you can complete in much less time than you would spend on your entire lunch break. And if not showering after freaks you out, see if you have a shower in your building or bring perfume/cologne and spray the sh*t out of yourself.

Use the stairs. If you have an option between taking the stairs and riding the elevator at all during your day, you should take the stairs. Unless, of course, your office is on, like, the 50th floor. If you’re ambitious, you can definitely tackle the crazy stairs, maybe going up 20 flights or more each day. But most of us are not going to do that – so 5 or 6 can be considered some damn good exercise. You can also take the stairs up some flights, and the elevator up the rest.

Get an exercise ball! And sit on it instead of your super comfortable chair that is not doing anything to help you get in shape. For the ambitious: Now that you have an exercise ball in your cube or office, you can do some more exercises with it throughout your day.

Use full water bottles as dumbells. Why not, right? If you have an office to yourself, you can use some dumbells… but most of us twenty somethings with office jobs work in a cubicle surrounded by other people… and we are not Ron Burgundy. And after you’re done “lifting the bottle,” you can drink it. That’s always a plus.

Don’t fully sit down on your chair. Yes, this is a real exercise… except no one will ever know you’re not actually sitting down unless they come over to you and stare. Just lower your chair all the way down and go for it.

What are your favorite ways to stay active and work out in the office, twenty somethings?


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