Having short legs kind of sucks. Okay, it definitely sucks. Short legs means you will never be a model. Short legs mean will always have trouble with PANTS (jeans, yoga pants, sweatpants, ALL PANTS). Short legs mean you will always be in danger when driving because you will have to sit directly in front of the steering wheel, like basically touching the steering wheel. But there’s nothing you can do about it, because you can’t, like, make your legs longer.

Here are the 13 worst things about having short legs, that only short ladies with short legs will understand. *Go us*


1. You have to take more steps than other people who are going the same distance as you, so you have to walk more. God, walking is the WORST.


2. And if people with longer legs are walking fast with you, good luckkkkk catching up.


3. Unlike tall people, weight isn’t spread out down your legs. It’s all stuck in one place – your thighs. 


4. When you take pictures with people with longer legs, your legs will look gigantic, at least they will to you, and then you will go into a deep depression for approximately 5-8 minutes.


5. Because your legs are short, when you gain 5 pounds, it looks like you’ve gained 20 – pretty much all in your legs. 


6. Pants are always way too long on you. You either have to find petite sizes, which are sometimes also too long, or you have to pay extra to get them shortened. And then you have to WAIT to get them back after being shortened. Who the fuck wants to buy something in a store and not get to wear it right away? Not I.


7. Maxi dresses are also always too long, so you have to pay extra to get those shortened.


8. Same with jumpsuits, but if you find ones that fit on the bottom, they’re usually way too big on top.


9. Crossing your legs is hard because there’s not much to work with.


10. Your legs never touch the ground when sitting, so sitting is pretty much the worst.


11. Same with driving. Especially driving AFTER someone with normal sized legs sucks because you have to wait a good 30 seconds to move your seat up so your feet can reach the pedals.


12. Wearing heels is a nightmare because you have to hold up your legs, which are just, like, so heavy. 


13. But you need to wear heels or else you’ll look like a hobbit, and your ass won’t look as good. 


14. Camel toes FOR DAYS. Seriously, this is why I wear long shirts – just in case anyone takes a picture of me. No one wants to see a CAMEL in a PICTURE.

The one positive: Every seat on a plane comes with extra leg room for you. I guess that makes it all worth it, right?



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  1. Ok, I am a tall peron, for my age. I guess my legs are not short since my feet do touch the floor depending on what type of seat I am using. ( Like if its those adjustable chairs, they cannot be too high.) like if I am on a couch, my feet don’t touch the floor if I am sitting way back. And I sometimes tend to touch the floor with my tippy toes since I am still growing. And I don’t have trouble crossing my legs ( depends on what type off pants I am wearing.) and I do take big steps. But my legs are a few cm shorter than average. At least that’s what I think. I am seriously not sure. But one pet peeve is when you are with friends, and the cafe you are at gives you this tiny table. Its torture for you. And when there is no place for you to rest your feet. It annoying if there is no foot rest. Just saying, everyone is perfect the way they are.

  2. Gloria T. Elliott Reply

    I’m 64 and I barely learned why I have to hem all my pants even the ones marked short or petite. I am 5 ft 4 so I never thought I had short legs! I always buy long tops to keep from worrying about the camel toe😥. I enjoy wearing high heels since I used to be a secretary in my younger years.and can’t wear flats anymore.. Ty for this publishing.

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