Its the hot new question on everyone’s mind these days … WTF is Google+?? But seriously – what is it?

I got invited to the new social media world this past weekend, “set up” my account yesterday, and still have no idea what exactly is so special about it. It’s very simple – but it’s Google, so I wasn’t really expecting anything complex, cool, and/or pretty. I guess its like an extremely simple version of Facebook and Twitter combined. And just like the two social networks, you can share what is going on and add a picture, video, link, or your location. You can add your own picture, videos, and personal info. You can also people to your “circle” – aka Googles way of creating “friends” without actually calling them friends… because let’s be serious, who has over 50 friends and close family members? That’s the one thing Facebook really messed up on. But originally it was just supposed to be your friends – and then things got weird and social media decided to take over the world. Then Twitter was created and you had “followers” and people you were “following,” which works perfectly for what it is. The problem? Not everyone wants to use Twitter… even though they should (as I explained why in a previous post). Soooooooo is it surprising that the internet giant Google went and created their own take on the whole social media phenomenon? No.

iPhones were created a while back, so Google created Android phones… aka the same thing, except not as pretty. I am a total Mac person and obviously purchased the iPhone… not the Droid. Maybe Google+ will be great for people with Droids? But last time I checked, people who love social media are more likely to be iPhone lovers than Droid people. Basically, if people won’t use Twitter, why would they use Google+? Everyone already has Facebook… and those of us with Twitter accounts already have to update and keep tabs on two (or more) social media sites all day – so WHY in the world would we want to monitor two Facebooks?

The difference I am seeing is mainly these “Circles.” You can have a circle of friends… another with family… another with coworkers… another with frenemies… etc. And you can make sure you are sharing information with the RIGHT people. Unlike on Facebook where you have to block people from certain statuses. Don’t you think competitor Facebook will come back with the same thing on their social network? Uhh, yeah. I mean, they are already have lists and extreme privacy settings.

Another difference is “Sparks” – which they claim is “a constant feed of stuff you’re really into” and you can share it with friends. Hello, Twitter? And the last “difference” is the “hangouts” – up to ten people can chat from any place at any time. Didn’t Facebook just introduce group chat? And video chat? Also, people already talk on Gmail… except not everyone uses Gmail. I don’t…

Maybe it’s the invite that is making everyone want to get in. Yeah, that’s probably it. When Facebook was invite only, people went nuts trying to score an in. And now that King Google has an invite only social media world, people are dying to get invited…

When I first got Twitter a few years back, I thought it was stupid. I really had no idea how to use it – or actually, let me rephrase that – I didn’t know the right way to use it. So maybe Google+ has plans to do something totally cool and totally different from all the other sites out there already. But, if it’s going to be the same thing as FB and Twitter, no thanks. I like my privacy on Facebook and my publicity on Twitter (because I really have no personal info on there).

Basically, I believe that Google+ is like a less cooler version of Facebook right now. Kind of like Cady Heron vs Regina George. So will Facebook eventually get hit by a bus so Google+ can become the new queen bee? (Coughmyspacecough) Well, I don’t think it’s very likely. We are busy people… I don’t plan to completely switch my online world over to Google+. There’s really nothing exciting about it to me… especially after the huge build up. However, it is just a project right now – and the people who are invited are simply “testing it out.” So I guess we will see how this ends soon.

So do you think Google+ will be the next best thing – or will the intrigue fade away quickly. Maybe I’m totally missing something? What do YOU think?


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