Congrats! You somehow bought your first home, and now you’ve got a yard to deal with. If you’re anything like me, the idea of going hard-core Martha Stewart on your yard sounds like a form of torture reserved only for the 7th layer of hell. However, it’s spring now, and temperatures are rising, animals are coming out, and plants (more like weeds) are taking over.

There are definitely things you need to do to get your yard in decent shape, and get it ready in time for spring and summer activities. Do your future self a favor when it comes to your yard and follow this guide.


Weeds: Be aggressive.

While some weeds are pretty, they can also be vicious and rampant, and most people find them a nuisance in their yard. Win the war on weeds by doing things like wetting the ground before you pull them, tilling the ground where they are growing, or cutting off the flowers before they have a chance to drop their seeds. Too lazy to do those things? Cover the weeds with some kind of decoration, like decorative stones or statues, and just block their light and forget they exist. This works with spiders, too.


Mosquitoes: Prevent them before they come.

Nothing ruins your day like a fresh mosquito bite. April showers bring May flowers? More like brings breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Make sure you keep your yard mosquito free by removing items where water can collect and lie stagnant.


Grass: Less grass, less upkeep.

Grass is nice, but it’s also a pain in the butt to upkeep. It grows fast and requires a lot of maintenance. Limit the time you have to spend mowing and watering grass every year by just limiting the grass you have. I suggest creating a patio or fire pit area that will take up yard space, and be much easier to upkeep, and arguably more useful.


Garden: Take up even more grass space.

If you are thinking about a patio space, why not also put a garden border on it and fill it with flowers that will thrive despite your lack of green thumb. Easy to care for perennials, like Bearded Irises, Lilies, and Peony will bloom every year with very little work from you, and make your yard look like you care more than you actually do to friends and visitors to your home.


Patio: One time setup.

I know you’re thinking that making and setting up a patio sounds like a lot of work, but there are ways around you actually putting work into it. Get a handy friend who loves creating to do it, or hire a contractor to build one. It’s a one time expense for years of low-to-no maintenance. Once it’s set up, you get the fun task of decorating it! If you are like me and run low in the creativity department, then get some inspiration by checking out some DIY patio decor ideas.


Entertaining: Might as well use the space!

Hey, your yard is looking pretty good now, and the satisfaction that you won’t have do much with it in the future is a nice feeling. Show off your yard and share those nice feelings with your friends by hosting a small get together. Everyone loves a party! Hosting a party sounds like a lot of work, but there are plenty of tips for outdoor entertaining. Always remember, keep it simple, keep it warm, and keep it fun. I know one of my favorite outdoor summer activities is an evening bonfire, which is always a crowd pleaser.


Mila Sanchez is a recent graduate with a BA in English Linguistics. Her ambitions in life include traveling, studying languages, and taking pictures of her dog, Baymax.

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