Author: Samantha Matt

– You blast One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ in the car while singing along (no shame).

– You still shop in the junior’s section at Nordstrom (BP fo’ life!).

– At the gym, when not listening to house music and mashups, you throw on some old school Nsync and BSB… and 98 Degrees… and Britney Spears… and maybe even some 5ive.

– Your favorite show is Pretty Little Liars.

– You think Justin Bieber is attractive.

– You are obsessed with Demi Lovato’s ‘Give Your Heart a Break.’ (I’m listening to it on repeat right now – not embarrassed).

– You vicariously live through your younger siblings.

– When nothing is on, you turn on ABC Family.

– You try to think up reasons to buy a prom dress… or two.

You still can’t hold your liquor.


Hi I’m Sam. I made this website in 2011 and it’s still here! I'm the author of the humorous self-help book AVERAGE IS THE NEW AWESOME. I like pizza, French fries, barre, spin, more pizza, more French fries, and buying clothes. Follow me on twitter & Instagram at @samanthamatt1... and on this site's meme account on IG at @averagepeopleproblems. OKAY GREAT THANKS BYE.


  1. Um I can relate to most, but not shopping at nordstroms!! Not rich here!

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