We are SO excited to announce that one of our former writer’s, Charlee Fam, has released her debut novel – Last Train to Babylon. The book is receiving rave reviews, and we are of course giving the book ten thumbs up too! Check out our review below & then enter to win a copy of the book. Congratulations Charlee!

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Get inside the mind of anxious, confused, and mixed up Aubrey Glass in Charlee Fam’s breakout novel, Last Train to Babylon. A raw, haunting tale of lost love, forgotten friendships, and twentysomething turmoil, Fam’s first novel is sure to keep you turning the pages on the edge of your seat. Get ready for a wild ride…

Aubrey Glass is just a regular twenty-three-year-old sort-of journalist living in New York with her long-term boyfriend, Danny. She suffers with anxiety on a daily basis and has maybe a slight drinking problem. Her mundane life is just trotting along when she gets the call that her ex-best friend Rachel has committed suicide. The pair hasn’t spoken in five years, but Aubrey heads home to Seaport, Long Island for a week of funeral festivities.

Aubrey claims – and really seems – to not care about the death of her former friend as she returns home to her guidance counselor mother, her two brothers, and a slue of high school classmates whom she doesn’t care to associate with. An unheard voicemail from Rachel on the night before she took her own life taunts Aubrey all week long, but she refuses to confront it.

As the week progresses toward the funeral and infamous after-party, Aubrey’s life is poured out before her readers in flashbacks as she narrates the present. Secrets that Aubrey has kept hidden for five years come tumbling out into the open, and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. She must face her past if she is to ever survive in the present and future.


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Charlee Fam is a twentysomething novelist living in New York City. A native of Long Island, she graduated from Binghamton University in 2010 with a degree in Creative Writing ad several awards to her name. Charlee also wrote for FTS in the past. Last Train to Babylon is her first novel, and debuts on October 28, 2014.


We’re giving away a copy of Last Train to Babylon! You have until SUNDAY NOV 9TH at 11:59pm to enter. Good luck!

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