Roommates. What would we do without them huh? They’re undoubtedly different to normal friends – so much so that we often find ourselves wondering if they’re really our soul mates. Here are eight reasons your roommate is actually your other half.

1. You experience separation anxiety when you’re not together.


Roommate withdrawal symptoms are real. You just can’t bear to be without your roommate for an extended amount of time. Spring break? Nope. Summer vacation? NOPE. Who am I going to vent to at the end of a long day? Who’s going to stop me texting my ex or prevent me from making general bad life decisions?


2. You have a telepathic connection.

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No communication needed. You instantly know what’s going through their mind just by their face. Whether there’s someone in the room they hate or a hottie that just walked by– you know what your roomies thinking by a single glance. And of course you can’t wait to get back to the room for a good ol’ fashioned bitching session about it.


3. Yes, you have date nights.

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Because you’re both so close, you can have a good time wherever you are. Who needs a party when the parties right here in your room?! A date night calls for face masks, Netflix and a bottle of wine. Or vodka. And don’t forget the Domino’s.


4. You are actually the same person.

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When you spend so much time with someone, it doesn’t take long before you actually start to morph into them. Whether it be picking up on their sayings or doing those annoying hand gestures they make, you’ll often catch yourself acting exactly like your roommate. Which definitely isn’t a bad thing.


5. You don’t judge each other.

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One of the many perks of having a roommate is that because privacy is an imaginary concept, they never judge you. You got blackout at the bar and passed out in the dorm hallway? No problemo. You brought back he/she and they’re staying over? Sure thing, headphones exist. You ate a whole pizza to yourself? Your roomie was cheering you on the whole time. You woke up in a random bed and need a ride back to the room? They’ll always be there to save you from that walk of shame. You can always count on your roommate.


6. They know you better than you know yourself.

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They know when you’re happy. And they can sense when you’re not. Don’t even attempt to hide your feelings from your roommate – she knows you like the back of her hand.


7. You always know what the other is doing.

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You have to be in regular communication with her because of course you have to update each other on every detail of your day. It can range from ‘OMG MY FUTURE HUSBAND LOOKED SO CUTE IN THE LIBRARY’ to the classic ugly snapchat selfies to remind her of your beautiful face. Thank God for technology amirite?


8. They’ll always have a special place in your heart.

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You both know that whatever happens, even after university when you both go your separate ways, you’ll always have each other. Roomies aren’t just for college. They’re for life.

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